Since 2016 I have been obsessed with coding. Life of a developer I imagined like a butterfly flight: you are flying from feature to feature, surrounded by other beautiful butterflies. I thought: one day I will be a part of it, I will work as a developer in a strong and smart team, I will learn from my teammates every day and will share whatever I know, I will be grateful for every comment in my pull request and will diligently review others code.

3 years passed… I have been coding almost every day. My programming interests were jumping from backend to fronted, from frontend to devops, back and forth. A few days ago, I caught myself reviewing someone’s pull request. I caught myself thinking: this is the Moment, this is what I wanted. And you know what? I did not feel myself like that butterfly. I only thought about the pull request: “why, why, why write code like this?”, and only one thing I wanted: to stop seeing this code.

So life of a developer is not as carefree as it seems. The more you know, the more you get upset with others’ code. The less you know, the more other people get upset with your code. The goal is to know more and do not be upset. Not easy, but should be doable I think.